Less than Load Shippment Service

LTL (Less Than Load) shipping is a cost-effective solution for businesses with smaller shipments. With LTL carriers, multiple shipments from different businesses are consolidated onto a single truckload, reducing costs for all parties involved.

LTL shipping services are designed to handle shipments ranging from 150 to 15,000 pounds, typically transported by truck, although some carriers offer air or rail options as well. With regular routes and schedules, LTL carriers provide businesses with the convenience of planning their shipments and managing their inventory more effectively.

LTL shipping provides businesses with the flexibility to ship smaller loads without the need to pay for a full truckload, which is especially beneficial for those with lower shipment volumes. LTL carriers usually offer a variety of service levels, including expedited and guaranteed delivery options, for an extra fee.

LTL shipping services provide tracking and visibility tools that enable businesses to monitor their shipments and keep their customers informed about delivery dates and times. This leads to better supply chain management and improved customer service.

LTL shipping not only offers cost-effectiveness and flexibility but can also be a more sustainable option for shipping. By consolidating multiple shipments into a single truckload, LTL carriers can reduce the number of vehicles on the road, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions and traffic congestion. This makes LTL shipping an eco-friendly choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

LTL shipping services are not limited to ground transportation only. Air freight LTL is also available, offering faster delivery times and greater flexibility. This option is especially beneficial for businesses that require expedited shipping of time-sensitive or perishable items or need to ship to remote or difficult-to-reach locations.

Less Than Load (LTL) shipping service is a versatile and dependable option for businesses seeking a cost-effective shipping solution. LTL shipments can be transported by truck, air, or rail, making it a flexible option for various business needs. With regular routes, flexible service levels, tracking and visibility tools, and sustainability benefits, LTL shipping can help businesses streamline their supply chain and boost their profitability.

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